What Happened in 1969?

Adamson's 1969 walks us through the social change that turned the country upside down. As we travel with Adamson, we realize the lasting impact of the sixties era on American culture.

So what happened in 1969?

  • President Richard Nixon inaugurated (January)

  • 549,000 American soldiers fighting in Southeast Asia (January)

  • The Beatles break up (January)

  • First anniversaries of Dr. Martin Luther King and Senator Bobby Kennedy assassinations (April)

  • Stonewall uprising in New York City mark start of modern gay rights movement (June)

  • Apollo 11 astronauts walk on the moon (July)

  • Charles Manson murders (August)

  • Woodstock Music Festival (August)

  • Chicago 8 trial stemming from 1968 Democratic National Convention protests (September)

  • National Moratorium Against the War (100,000) and March Against Death (500,000) antiwar protests (October & November)

  • First message send over ARPANET, forerunner of the Internet... IBM invents SGML, forerunner of HTML (October)

  • My Lai Massacre story breaks (November)

  • Sesame Street starts (November)

  • The first draft lottery of Vietnam War (December)

  • 56 American commercial aircraft hijacked (January - December)

What’s the Relevance Today?

1969 wasn't only an action-packed year of American history; its legacy is alive and enduring in today's culture for young and old. From current political demonstrations, to struggles for women's rights, civil rights, LGBTQ rights; to our music, fashion, technological breakthroughs, and more.